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31 May 2011 @ 11:59 am
writers30days: Round 2 - BtVS- Dawn  
Username: foreverxkisses
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Claim: Dawn Summers
Total Word Count: 3572
Warnings: Spoilers, obviously.
Written: May 1st - May 31st 2011
Round 2 Rules
@ writers30days

1 2 3
Nothing Changes
Picture Inspired
The Basics
A Typical Night in Sunnydale
4 5 6
Carry Me Home
What is Important
Different POV
Two Ancients
Exactly 100
Stolen Moments
7 8 9
Loved Her Enough
Blood Ties
10 Years
Unexpected Birthday
10 11 12
They Fixed It
A Different Kind of Potential
Slipping Through
Fangirl Moment
13 14 15
Writers Choice 1
It's What You Bring
Writers Choice 2
Feels like Home
Writers Choice 3
Losing Pieces

Title: Nothing Changes
Theme: Always
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Btvs, and Ats
Word Count: 261

"Niblet's all grown up." Spike said, stepping out of the shadows of the alleyway.
Dawn's hand was half-way to the stake in her purse when she realized who's voice it was, "Spike? Oh my god SPIKE!" Dawn ran towards him practically leaping with every step.
"Look at you, all powerful with your slayer army an' all" Spike teased, accepting the welcoming embrace. The streets of Cleveland were cool tonight, the air crisp and comfortable.
"I thought, Buffy said… you're supposed to be dead."
"Was love, wasn't all it's cracked up to be though. Brought back as a bleeding' ghost for a while, that was a hell of a time."
Dawn couldn't suppress her excitement, she was like a little girl again, filled with sugar about to go to Disneyland.
"What, what are you doing here? Are you back for Buffy?" The optimism in her eyes was still just as bright as it had been when he had last seen her in Sunnydale.
"No, nothing like that. Just passing through, curious of your guy's new operations and what-not."
"Oh you have to come meet them, they would love to meet you, you're practically famous!"
Spike raised a questioning eyebrow,
"The slayers, I mean you saved the world, we had to tell them about you," Dawn smile was bright and beaming, even in the darkness, "And Andrew! He will positively faint when he sees you!" Dawn was now dragging the vampire down the street, pulling on his arm like an eager child.
Spike was starting to feel a slight panic at what he had just gotten himself into.

Title: The Basics
Theme: Picture Inspired
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Btvs
Word Count: 322

"The most important lesson of magic is that everything is connected, and everything is naturally balanced. It's a lesson I received too late."
When Dawn had first asked Willow and Tara to teach her how to do magic it had been Tara who was cautious, never letting her within arm's reach of the real spells, while Willow had deviously left post-its with locator spells and charm ingredients where Dawn would easily find them.
But this time was different.

After Tara, after everything that had happened the past year, Dawn had let the subject drop. Then in the upswept chaos of the potentials and the looming battle with the First, Dawn had forgotten. She had set her sights on watcher duties without even thinking about things.
But the after the calm settled, while Buffy and Giles were off collecting together new slayers, Dawn found herself spending large amount of time with Willow, who along with Xander, had been co-opted by Andrew to set up a base of operations in Cleveland.

It was almost on a whim that she had asked, but as soon as she had she knew it was the next step she wanted to take.
This time Willow was took the cautious role. But unlike before, nothing was withheld.
"It's like I was saying yesterday," Willow spoke as they walked down the forest path, "everything is connected, every spell I've ever done is somewhere within me, and any manipulation of the elements, no matter how subtle, can create waves."
"Mmm hmm," Dawn murmured.
Willow looked at her student, realizing that she was losing her focus. It felt like she was back in high school, trying to tutor Xander in math.
"Okay fine," Willow sighed, "you want to see some magic?" Dawn's eyes perked up.
Willow moved to the side and bent down next to a tree, finding a small branch that would be suitable.
"A stick?" Dawn raised her eyebrow.
Willow smirked, "I forgot my number two pencil."

Title: A Typical Night in Sunnydale
Theme: Touch
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers for Btvs
Word Count: 209
Summary: Where Dawn was on the night of Touched.

Tomorrow they would go in, led by Faith they would make their move of the First. The battle was becoming more real every day. The tension of the whole house could be felt, some of if heard. Eight potentials crammed in her tiny room, three more than usual, under command of Kennedy. The cramped conditions were enough to ward off sleep for Dawn, even without the added noised coming from both the kitchen and Faith's room. At least Willow and Kennedy could be quiet.
Dawn looked around the room, the heightened stress of the day had drained the new Sunnydale arrivals dry, everyone out like incandescent lights.
She was a little baffled how they could sleep through this, though I guess not everyone is used to having the threat of immanent death hovering over their heads for weeks at a time, they're probably past exhausted. Benefit of growing up on the Hellmouth I guess, you learn to adapt to impending doom like other kids cope with a test coming up at school.
Just then Rona rolled over, beginning to snore at a frightening volume.
Oh great, now I'm never going to get to sleep, Dawn sighed, secretly glad for the noise to drone out the other household sounds of the night.

Title: What is Important
Theme: Carry Me Home
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Btvs
Word Count: 334
Summary: An alternate ending for Blood Ties

It felt like the floor beneath her had fallen away and now she was tumbling towards the depths of the Earth.
Coherent thoughts didn't come back until Spike nudged her with his elbow. "Look, I think it's best I get you home now."
The excitement of breaking into the Magic Box and rifling through Giles' papers had completely been swept away, now only a hollow feeling sat in Dawn's stomach.
Spike quickly got up and shuffled the spread-out papers together, getting up and depositing them back in the hidden drawer. Dawn still hadn't moved from off the floor.
A million questions were racing through her head but she was too terrified to ask any of them out loud, she wanted to yell at Spike for putting the papers away, but she couldn't find her voice.
After sweeping away the evidence of their presence in the shop Spike knelt down next to the lost girl.
"C'mon, everything will make more sense in the morning." The lie was comforting.
Dawn took the offered hand up and they started to make their way towards the night. The silence following the ring of the Magic Shop's bell made Dawn shiver in the warm night air.
Part way home, taking a short-cut through the cemetery Dawn spoke, "I think I need to sit down now."
Spike gave her a concerned look, quickly assessing the surroundings for danger, and abided, motioning her towards a mausoleum and joining her on the steps.
"Can I stay at your crypt tonight?" Dawn's eyes pleaded.
"Tonight of all nights, I think it's best if I take you home, pet." He could see her deflate in the corned of his eye, "You should sleep in your bed, in your own house, where you are the most loved. And in the morning, the slayer, who loves you more than anything on this tiny rock will make you breakfast." Spike turned to meet eyes with his tiny accomplice, "alright with you?"
A small nod.
"Good. Now let's get you home."

Title: Two Ancients
Theme: Different POV
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Btvs & Angel
Word Count: 190
Summary: Illyria meets the scoobies and something draws her attention.

Illyria cocked her head to the side, "This one is different."
The scoobies' attention was drawn to the god, who was looking aver at Buffy and Dawn.
"Buffy's the slayer," Willow stated, silently doing her own assessment of the iridescent blue being standing alongside Angel and Spike. They were all standing amongst the aftermath of Wolfram & Hart's slaughter, presently in the debrief and reintroduction of both sides. The army of slayers had already departed, ushered away by Giles.
Without acknowledging the witch Illyria moved forward, towards the slayer, but surprised everyone when she strode past, moving to intently inspect Dawn, who was standing to the side, loaded with watcher's supplies and first aid from the battle.
Dawn's eyes were wide but calm, only mildly off-put by the extreme loss of personal space to the towering god.
Now full attention was on the them, as Illyria slowly circled the young watcher.
"Your power has been dampened by mortal form as mine has." Illyria lifted a lock of wavy brown hair immediately flicking it away with distain.
"Don't mind Blue, lil bit. She's got less bite than she thinks she does." Spike winked.

Title: Stolen Moments
Theme: Exactly 100
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Btvs
Word Count: 100

The charm was heavy in her hand. Some sort of stone, amethyst maybe. She discreetly slipped it into her pocked, immediately feeling a surge of excitement; control.
She smoothed down her pocket, feeling the sharp corners of the trinket through her jeans. Buffy was getting speechy again, something about fighting the goods fight or whatever.
She wanted to take another look at the charm, but knew she would have to wait until she could examine her prize. She could imagine how it would glisten in the light of her room, shiny against the red velvet of her jewellery box.

Title: Broken
Theme: Death
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers for Btvs, character death
Word Count: 104

She couldn't breathe. Hands shaking, feet stuck standing, unable to turn away, unable to move, scream or cry. The characterized creaking of the house was silent.
Tara's body lay unmoving on the floor, her sky blue of her sweater in coarse opposition with the red-black wound.
The room felt impossibly cold. She should get a blanket for her, so she won't get cold too.
But leaving the room was impossible. Someone had to stay with her. It would be so lonely here alone.
The window was shattered, shards of glass scattered on the rug. They caught the light of the sun, shining like dangerous diamonds.

Title: Blood Ties
Theme: Loved Her Enough
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers for Btvs
Word Count: 170

Ever since she could remember she had been catching her sister late at night, hunched over the bathroom sink, scrubbing blood out of her clothes.
The first few times neither had said a word about it.
Dawn hadn't know the reason her sister was always fighting, always washing blood out of her shirts and jeans but never really being hurt herself.
For a while it had scared her, violent scenes playing out in her imagination, but after some time it all fell into a kind of routine. When Dawn could hear the bathroom faucets on at night she knew her sister was home safe.
It wasn't until she started actively covering for her sister that Buffy told her the real reason behind it.
When Dawn first willingly got grounded for ruining Buffy's new sweater with 'pizza sauce', that was when their silent midnight routine was given context for Dawn.
For Christmas that year Dawn gave Buffy stain remover. Joyce was utterly baffled with how much Buffy liked it.

Title: Unexpected Birthday
Theme: 10 Years
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for The Gift
Word Count: 133

"Did you say something niblet?"
"Hmm? Oh no, I didn't. Just realized something though."
"What's that pet?"
"Technically it's my tenth birthday today."
"Ummm, no. Last time I checked we already passed the angst teenage phase, plus some." Spike was looking up from the Passions re-run now.
"Ha, Ha." Dawn emphasized dramatically, "though you wouldn't know it, you still calling me niblet all the time."
"Doesn't make you a day under 24 though pet."
"No, that doesn't. Being the key does, or don't you remember?"
"Right, you're the magical whatsit. Doesn't make you any younger though… could argue the opposite actually."
"The opposite? What do you mean?" Dawn quirked an eyebrow.
"The way Glory and her crazy minion crew described it you're ancient love, been around for millennia. Just been all green and orby enjoying the non-corporeal life as it were."
Dawn thought about it for a moment.

Title: A Different Kind of Potential
Theme: They fixed it
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Spoilers for The Gift
Word Count: 469

Dawn could feel the energy cracking through her as the currents of electrodes ran up and down her arms.
She could feel them backing away, now afraid of her once harmless body.

"Dawnie?" Willow tested as she moved forward, away from Xander and Anya.
"Don't," her voice was calmer than she had expected it to be, "Don't come any closer, I don't want to hurt you." Dawn stood still, watching as tiny lightning bolts zigzagged around her, all somehow coming from her. She could feel the source, they were coming from the energy inside.

She had never told the others that she could feel it. When Glory had spilt her blood something within her had changed. At the moment when the portal appeared below her, her body finally realized it's purpose.
Since then, she had always felt it gnawing inside of her. Sometimes, quiet, like light heartburn, other times, more stressful times, it raged up and practically knocked her on her feet.
It was always looking for a way out, a new purpose.

I guess it found one.

"Will, we never should have tried it, I told you-" Xander started,
"Oh you were practically a cheerleader trying to get Dawn into the magics! I'm surprised pompoms didn't start growing out of your palms!" Anya reeled.

"Guys! Not the time." Willow snapped, glaring at the now bickering couple, and took a small step closer to Dawn.
"No, Willow. Stay back." Dawn could feel the energy becoming impatient, surging for more to quench its newfound taste for magic.
"No. You can't come any closer. I need to do this myself..." Dawn could breathe a small sigh of relief as Willow stepped back, cautious but obedient. Dawn knew she had to grasp some sort of hold before it got away from her. She needed to show the energy they were on the same side.
Dawn slowly put down her arms, the cracking continuing on as the bolts of green energy jumped across her skin.
"Willow, I need you to do something for me." Dawn's word were calm and mature, "I need you to set up a circle."
"Like a hula hoop or something?" Xander peeped up, immediately getting elbowed in the side by Anya.
"No a summoning circle you big idiot."
Willow looked into Dawn's eyes, questioningly.
"Just trust me."

Anya and Willow made quick work of setting up a large circle in front of Dawn as Xander paced, hands constantly wiping his face.
Dawn just stood, eyes closed as she tried to maintain control, tried to pull back on the hunger brewing inside of her.

With the last candle lit Willow backed away, joining the other two by the couch as they waited for Dawn.
Dawn slowly stepped forward, one foot, then the other until she was standing within the circle.
I hope this works.

Title: Slipping Through
Theme: Lost
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Btvs, character death
Word Count: 308

"What is it pet?" Spike looked over to see Dawn starring off into the distance, not an unusual behaviour as of late, but since they were mid conversation Spike thought best to check.
Dawn registered his voice, looking up with unsure eyes, "There's something I didn't tell Willow."
"Tell Willow about what?" Spike moved across the crypt, towards the fridge.
"About what happened on the bridge."
Spike's hand stopped midway from reaching for a bag of blood. A rush of painful thoughts flooded his mind. The terrible sight of Buffy lying, broken on the rubble hanging in the foreground.
Spike turned towards her, waiting for more.
"When it happened. When she…" She couldn't say that word, it was too final. Spike just nodded his head, ushering her on, "When she jumped and the energy took her, something else happened."
The moment replayed in Dawns memory, as it did frequently. The bright electric flashes of the rip in dimensions, her sister running, so brave, into the brightness. Then everything going impossibly dark.
"I got lost." Dawn's voice breaks.
"We all got lost that day pet," Spike tried to soothe her, giving a genuine sympathetic look.
"No," she looked up, looking deep into his eyes, "It was the energy, the key's."
Spike's look was no longer calming.
"When Buffy… when she sealed the rift with her, our blood, I could feel it. Then suddenly everything shifted."
"Right, like Red said, your key-type energy went with the portal, makes sense you would get a bit of a jolt from it."
"But it wasn't a jolt, and it wasn't just a second."
Spike closed the fridge, realizing he had been standing with the door open, "how long then?"
"I think I was gone for a while, hours at least."
Spike perked an eyebrow, intrigued, "Where'd you go, pet?"
"I… I don't know exactly. But it was dark, and… I wasn't alone."

Title: Fangirl Moment
Theme: Fly
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Btvs
Word Count: 164

"Hey Dawnie," Willow greeted as she bounced into the kitchen.
Willow's uncharacteristic spunk sparked uncontrollable excitement within the smaller Summers, "You saw Tara didn't you!" she exclaimed.
A contagious wide smile sprung across Willow's face, "We had coffee."
Dawn waited, shifting to the edge of the seat, for elaboration.
"Come on, I want details! Every last one, what did you guys order, what did you talk about, did you guys kiss? Oh tell me you at least kissed!"
Willow blushed beneath her freckles, "No, no kissing, but we talked, and we didn't fight, and she smiled like she used to smile when we were back in the dorms y'know?"
Dawn clapped playfully, squirming with the exciting news.
"Are you guys going out again? Is it soon? Where is she living, is she going to come back soon?"
"Dawn, it was just one coffee, I'm going to need a little bit more to answer all those questions." Willow's eyes were bright and optimistic, "hopefully not too many though." Willow winked.

Title: It's What You Bring
Theme: Writers Choice 1
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Chosen
Word Count: 454

Dawn hated being late. She always planned things ahead so that she would be early for appointments, always trying to stay prepared for any situation. She didn't want to miss out on anything.
But today had gotten out of her control. Xander's constant pacing and babbling, his nervousness about the new council's first meeting contagiously infecting Dawn and the others. Everyone was on edge, excitement mixed with apprehension.
So today she had forgotten one of the manuals she had been responsible for bringing to the meeting, and now she was late.
Dawn shifted the heavy pile of books from one arm to the other as she rounded the corridor. But a familiar body pulled her attention, Vi was shuffling in circles just outside the meeting room.
"Have they started yet?" Dawn's question came out more panicked than she wanted it to.
"No. Wait… yes? I don't know, they're all talking but I don't think it's anything important yet."
Dawn sighed in relief, "Good," she went to move past the young slayer, "I shouldn't keep them waiting." Dawn moved to enter the room but Vi stepped in front of her.
Dawn hadn't seen Vi this nervous since she was just a potential, it was surprisingly comforting to see the familiar movements.
"What's up?"
"I… I can't do it." Vi's eyes pleaded at Dawn, hoping for understanding, but Dawn's preoccupation with the activities in the next room divided her attention.
"Can't do what Vi?"
"I can't… okay you know how there are a bunch more new slayers pouring into Cleveland?" Dawn nodded, "And since we were like, the ones who helped Buffy bring down the big evil and all?"
"The First," Dawn corrected.
"Right." Vi stepped to the side, then back, "but now everybody is looking up to us, like, like we're all experienced and supposed to guide the new slayers… and, and I don't think I can." Vi took breath, "I think I still need guidance."
Dawn shifted the books again, freeing her hand to place it on Vi's shoulder. "Look, I know it's scary, but you do have experience," Vi's eyes held a questioning stare, "You do, and it might not seem like a lot right now, but what you guys learnt back in Sunnydale was key. You learned that we are the stronger team and that if we fight together we win." Dawn smiled, squeezing her shoulder, "You might not know the fancy kick boxing moves or know any demon lore but that all comes with time. What you can provide the new slayers with right now is invaluable!"
Vi looked a lot better than she had a moment ago, but still shifting and unsure. "But what can I really give then Dawn?"
"Vi, you cans give them hope."

Title: Feels like Home
Theme: Writer's Choice 2
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Btvs
Word Count: 204

She loved this place. This was the place she felt most safe. Strong walls surrounding her, with a powerful fighter ready to defend her from the creatures of the night.
Her favourite nights were the ones where she could curl up on the couch chair and watch old movies, snacking on wheat crackers while avoiding a pile of homework. It was those nights when her sister's plight of a calling, or her mother's terrifying illness didn't seem to bear so heavily. Those nights when Janice's constant prattle about popularity and boys didn't invade her eardrums. She was very glad Spike's crypt didn't have a phone.
The cement walls make the television echo in an eerily peaceful way. Often they would just sit in silence, each doing their own thing. Usually for Dawn it was homework or writing in her journal, for Spike it was watching tv, or painting his nails. Sometimes he would scrawl things in his own journal-type book too. Dawn had always been curious what he wrote there.
He had once joked with her, claiming he wrote poetry in it. Dawn had laughed and sworn she would find out what was really in it some day, when he wasn't looking.

Title: Losing Pieces
Theme: Writer's Choice 3
Rating: PG
Warnings: Spoilers for Btvs
Word Count: 150

She was still shaking. She couldn't get the look in Willow's eyes out of her mind. So crazed with magics, unable to maintain control.
Dawn finally understood why Tara had left, she had know this could happen.
At the same time she hated Tara for leaving. She could have stopped this from happening. Couldn't she?
The cast on her arm itched fiercely, but the pain had subsided. Those pills the nurse gave her made her sleepy.
But she couldn't close her eyes, because every time she did she was back in that dirty room, filled with junkies. How could Willow have brought her there? How could Willow have ever been there herself? Willow was the reliable one. Willow was always safe.
Well, now she would have to put a past tense on that now. Willow had been safe.
Damn slumped down on the floor, everything was falling apart again.